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Fit Statesboro offers what you want in a gym: an array of free weights, machines, and conditioning equipment. A team of experienced, qualified trainers ready to work with you one-on-one or design lifting and conditioning routines you can do on your own. Twenty-four-hour access to an environment that is friendly and encouraging to all clients, whatever their level of fitness, and whatever their goals.


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24/7 Memberships

We strive to provide the best equipment and space for you to do the workouts you want.  Whether you are just looking to just stay in shape, smash a PR on your deadlift, crush your WoD or do some pulls off blocks, we have you covered.  We provide open space and the specialty equipment you are looking for.

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Personal Training

Fit Statesboro started as a personal training only facility and still strives to provide the private feel of a personal training studio.  Our facility has a large separate space dedicated to personal training and a staff that excels at keeping you accountable and motivated.

We additionally offer program design for those who may not need the constant hands assistance of a trainer, but are still looking for expert input.

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Crosstraining Class- Begininning this summer this class will be focused on barbell training and high-intensity conditioning.

Bootcamp- A class aimed at beginner to intermediate, with the goal of getting you moving, sweating and working hard.

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