2013 Challenge

A good friend of mine Ben Freakley (GSU Assistant Men’s Soccer coach) came into the gym one day and proposed an interesting challenge to me. “January 1, 2013, 2,013 push ups! You in?” I though for a second and said “you’re crazy!” You see, Ben is the type that likes to push himself to the limit and prove that there is no limit. He is always scheming some workout that makes you shake your head and say “why?” However, it did spark an interest. Initially I thought it would be impossible to do 2,013 push ups in 24 hrs but then we googled “most push ups in 24 hours” and we found some amazing answers. Not only did we find out the record for most push ups on 24 hours (46,001), but we found the record for most push ups at one time (10,507), most in one year (1,500,230), most with one hand in one hour (2,521), and a bunch more push up records that we would never think of. After seeing these amazing statistics I bought in completely. I figure it won’t be so bad after all. Now, you too may be wondering why in the heck is he going to do that?! Well here are two reasons for why I’m going to attempt this challange and for why I’m going to ask you all to join in…..

1. Because when someone asks you how many push ups you can do, your answer will be 2,013
2. Because you never know what you can do until you try. What I thought was seemingly impossible, looks seeminly easy!

I’m attaching the link to view the various push up records. It is interesting to say the least and somewhat inspiring to challenge myself to do something i’ve never thought of. Maybe it will inspire you to join us as well. January 1, 2013 celebrate with 2,013 push ups!



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