I want to summarize a little bit about goals.  I think everyone agrees that goal setting is important and that goals should be attainable, measurable, short term and long term, etc, etc. I think there is a slight misunderstanding of goals as it pertains to exercise.  For most people setting a goal means setting a certain body weight that they desire to be.  That is good and all, but often difficult to achieve quickly, and when that goal weight isn’t achieved by a certain date, people get discouraged rather than motivated.  They begin to feel hopeless!   Goals don’t at all have to deal with weight.  Most of that time, when people start to exercise seriously and/or change their diet, the weight will take care of itself.  When making fitness goals, I’d encourage people to make goals that have to do with exercise.  For instance, a goal could be “I want to be able to squat 200lbs,” “I want to be able to bench press my body weight,” “I want to be able to run a 7 minute mile,” “ I want to be able to do ______ for the first time ever!”  These goals encourage people to continue to pursue a certain fitness status.  They are attainable, reasonable, measureable, short term and/or long term.  A particular short term goal of mine is to be able to repeat a particular timed workout FASTER than the time before.  Nothing is more satisfying than finishing that particular workout and beating your previous time! It’s encouraging and it shows that you are becoming more fit!  This is particularly important for those of you that workout in groups. People often want to compete with the person they are exercising with; however no two people are the same, one person may be better at endurance type exercises while the other may be stronger at lifting heavier weights. That is why it’s important to keep the goals on a personal level, compete against yourself, and beat what YOU previously had done. If you do that, I promise you will begin to see changes in your body, changes in your fitness level, and changes in your mental attitude about training.  You will leave the gym confident, reassured, and ready to make another jump in progress! This week I encourage you to set fitness related goals and express them to your trainer. If you need help, ask any one of us at FIT for an idea, we’d be glad to help.  We want you to experience that “I DID IT!” feeling when you achieve those goals!


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