We offer access to our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our goal with our gym memberships is to provide a playground for each of our members to get their best workout in.  You should feel like you are working out in your OWN gym each time you come.

We aim to provide the best quality and variety of equipment you are looking for in a strength and conditioning setting.  We have what you need from beginner to advanced. Whether Olympic Weightlifting, Crosstraining, Power Lifting or Bodybuilding is your pursuit, you will feel at home at Fit Statesboro.  A list of available equipment is provided at the bottom.

24/7 Gym Membership

$40 - Monthly

$30 - Student Rate

$30 - Family Rate Per Person

Prepayment Discounts

$210 - 6 Months ($35 Per Month)

$360 - 12 Months ($30 Per Month)

Short Term Passes

$5 - 1 Day Pass

$20 - 1 Week Pass

*$10 Key Fee for all New Members or Replacement Keys

*Must Provide Proof of Current Enrollment to Receive Student Rate

*No Refunds

Equipment List (Not a complete list)

15 Squat and Power Racks

Smith Machine

Lat Pulls With 300lbs Stacks

Cable Cross Over Machine

Leg Presses

Jerk Blocks

Bumper Plates

Specialty Bars Including-

Women's (15 Kg) and Training (10 Kg),

Safety Squat Bar

Trap Bars

Football Bar (Multi Grip)

Axel Bar

Concept 2 Rowers

High-Speed Treadmills (Up to 16 MPH)

Air Assualt Bikes

Assault Air Runner (Motorless Treadmill)

Plyo Boxes

Wall Balls

Speed Rope

Climbing Rope

Battle Ropes

Slam Balls

Sand Bags

Tons of Kettlebells


Straps, Wraps, and Belts

Tire for Flipping and Sledgehammer For Hitting


T Bar Rows


and Much More