Home Workouts

Home or Travel Workouts

Each Box Represents a Full Workout.   

*Warm Up- Do 3 rounds of 30 Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope with Dynamic Stretching in between each round. Warm up body temp and loosen any tight areas. Bodyweight movements are recommended if doing a weighted workout. (Walking Lunges, Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups)

-All Bodyweight and Conditioning Workouts should be done as quickly as possible with good form.  Time the workouts and try to improve it each time. Adjust Reps up or down if needed.

EMOTM- Every Minute on the Minute

AMRAP- As Many Rounds as Possible

-Strength workouts should be done with approx. 60 sec rest between each set.  Focus on form, adjust weight and reps as needed.


50, 75 or 100

Burpees for Time


10,15 or 20 mins

10 Squats

5 Push Ups

5 Sit Ups

5 Rounds

30 Squat or Lunge

20 Sit Ups

10 Push Ups

5 Rounds

40 JJ or JR

30 Mt Climbers

20 Squat

10 Push Ups

Alt Rounds of


W Lunge Steps



^ #’s to add intensity


DB Conditioning Workouts



2 Arm DB Bent Row

5 Rounds

20 Alt DB Snatch

10 Burpees

5 Rounds

20 Goblet or

DB Front Squat

10 DB Press

4 Rounds

20 DB W Lunge Steps

15 Thrusters

10 Burpees

DB Strength Workouts

5 Rounds

10 DB Front Squat

10 DB Bench Or Press

10 DB Side DL

10 2 Arm DB Bent Row

5 Rounds

10 DB Lunges Each

10 DB 1 Arm Press Each

10 DB 1 Arm Row

4 Rounds

10 DB Squats

10 DB Lying Tri Ext

10 2 Arm DB Bent Row

Following After

10 DB Reverse Lunge

10 DB Press or Bench

10 DB 1 Arm Row

 Adjust Weight and Reps as needed for exercise.  

Other Exercises:

Step Ups

Single Leg Squats

Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squats

Side Lunge

Hip Bridge 1 or 2 Leg


Dumbbell Swings

Incline or Decline DB Bench Press

Incline or Decline Push Up

DB Flys


Curl to Press

Front or Lateral Raises

Bent Fly

Standing or Lying Tri Ext

DB Muscle Snatch

DB Clean

Toe Touch


Leg Raise

Wt Sit Up

Sit and Reach