Kent Tatum

Kent Tatum

My journey with FIT Statesboro began in March 2012.  In January of that year, I left my doctor’s office at an all-time high weight of 246.  Being 5’6” that was a lot of pounds.  I was told to lose the weight or we would have to do something more drastic, such as gastric by- pass surgery.  My doctor was deeply concerned because in February 2011, I spent two weeks in the hospital after being diagnosed with congested heart failure.

The cycle of weight gain had been constant for years, even as I told myself that I was trying to eat better.  I had joined four different gyms since moving to Statesboro in 1991.  The most I’d ever done at any of these gyms was to walk on the treadmill.  But gradually the weight increased.  A change of job, poor eating habits, and moving in to take care of two aging parents took its toll on my health.

I had passed by FIT Statesboro for several weeks and finally got enough courage to call.  I spoke with Jason and set up an appointment for the next day.  He showed me around, explained what FIT Statesboro was about, and asked me what I wanted to accomplish by joining.  It was a struggle in the beginning, being out of shape was an understatement.

I started working out three days a week and was seeing results but did not put as much effort into my diet as Jason urged. Then after a week-long work trip filled with bad food and weight gain, I got serious about my food choices with the help of Jason.  I started planning my meals in advance and stuck to it!  The weight came off quicker than ever before and I looked and felt better than ever.  My weight dropped from my first weigh in of 236 to a low of 176.  Each day and month was inspiring to see what I could accomplish with my trainer.

Friends, family and co-workers started noticing my weight loss and also my new level of energy.  I have been able to reduce my medications from an all-time high of seven, down to three.  My muscles mass has increased and my whole body has transformed.

Looking back, I can now see that Jason had a plan for me from the beginning and each workout built on the last to get me where I am today.

Kelly Tankersley

In the past, I have always been very hesitant to incorporate strength training into my exercise routine. I thought weights would “bulk” me up or I would hurt myself because I am not educated in strength training. I am so excited to say that I was completely wrong! I have been working with Jason Wolfe for a year, and the results I have seen from strength training are AMAZING! When I began my strength training, I had a difficult time lifting a bar weighing 45 pounds. Now, I am able to squat 170 lbs and dead lift 195 lbs! Jason educates me about the exercises I am doing while we are training and makes sure that I am always safe. My body has become stronger than I ever thought possible, and the “insulation” I was carrying around is melting away. It is such an awesome feeling to pull on a pair of pants, ones that I thought would never fit again, and they are loose! My total weight loss is 17 pounds! I am forever grateful to F.I.T. Statesboro for changing my attitude and my life!

Beth Oldham

I started working out with Keagan in August 2015. My goal was to increase my strength and endurance. Since I am over 50 and have had knee replacement surgery I wanted to work out with someone who has the knowledge to adjust a workout to my needs and still challenge me every week. Keagan encourages me to increase weights and reps more than I would on my own, and I always leave FIT knowing I am one workout closer to my goal. I look forward to working out every week, but every time I hear “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon I feel the need to crank out some squats!!